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“ …provide a one-stop search for health and medical information by combining various knowledge providers from the Ministry of Health libraries collection, global and health medical information resources so that it can be readily available and easily accessible for all MOH personnel…”


The Virtual Library will combine various knowledge providers so it can be accessed and benefit every individual in MOH. The Virtual Library will combine all the information from MOH libraries collection and global medical and health information  so it can be accessed and delivered more effectively, easier and faster.

The Virtual Library will be an alternative for healthcare personnel to access electronic resources eg. journals, e-books and databases to increase their knowledge for their career development and to be upfront in medical care.



If you are unable to login, please get in touch with you library or any one of the 8 participating libraries (information available at Contact Us).  Only registered MOH personnel are allowed to access subscribed database, e-journals and e-books. Public user (not MOH personnel) are not allowed to access subscribed databases but they are allowed to access open access collections (e-book, e-journal, u-Pustaka) and Ministry Publications.